Communications Department

Providing the mission critical communication platforms, that are an integral part of today's modern public safety communications center, such as:

  • Backbone Radio Networks
  • Dispatch Console Electronics
  • Public Safety Answering Point Telephony (PSAP)
  • Backbone Solutions such as Point to Point Microwave
  • In Building Coverage Solutions
  • Fire Station Alerting
  • Other Ancillary Support Systems
  • Electrical Department

    Our Electrical division covers all aspects of electrical services for our construction and communication divisions, such as:

  • AC and DC Power Systems
  • Distribution of both Utility and Emergency Generator Sources
  • Complete Grounding Solutions that meet today's rigorous design requirements (R-56)
  • RF Engineering Department

    Our RF Engineering department provides design and testing services, such as:

  • Public safety radio system design - Macro(Outdoor) and In-building(DAS)
  • Interference determination/mitigation
  • Intermodulation Studies
  • Antenna and line testing/certification:
    • VSWR/ Return Loss/ Distance to Fault
    • PIM Testing
    • Fiber loss/ Reflectance
  • NFPA 72 Emergency responder radio system compliance assessment
  • Design of macro/regional outdoor coverage
    • Propagation studies using EDX
  • Design of in-building coverage (NFPA 72, Cellular, LTE, WiFi)
    • Use of iBwave
  • Microwave system design & commissioning
  • Certifications:
    • Anritsu
    • Kaelus
    • Exfo
    • EDX SignalPro
    • iBwave
    • Alcatel-Lucent
    • Exalt
    • Radwin